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Volume 7 Issue 11 | December 2012

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Business Management

Holding the Line on Good Laboratory Practices

The mistakes we all made coming up in the industry—the “freshman effect”—were almost unavoidable. Checking and rechecking kept us in check, and this was our go-to strategy as we became experts.

Investing to Save

A simple tool for calculating ROI can determine which investments are best for your lab

Laboratory Technology

Ask the Expert

Setting Up a Cell Culture Lab

Dr. Amanda Capes-Davis, an independent cell culture consultant and founding manager of CellBank Australia, talks to contributing editor Tanuja Koppal, PhD, about the imperative need to establish best practices in a cell culture laboratory.  

Lab Product

Product Focus

Product Focus


2012 LIMS User Survey Results

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) consists of software that serves as the interface to a laboratory’s data, instruments, analyses and reports.

Ultra-Low Freezer Survey 2012 Results

Low-temperature (or ultra low) laboratory freezers will achieve temperatures of -40°C to -85°C — much lower than their kitchen-based counterparts.

Research-Specific Labs

Lab Health and Safety

Lab Health and Safety Tips

Laboratory Technology

Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.

How it Works

How a Bulk Solvent Delivery System Works

Problem: Solvents are used in virtually every laboratory to perform routine research procedures as well as product quality control and medical and diagnostic tests. Laboratory staff are responsible for the documentation, staging, storage and transport of solvents, which compromises valuable time spent on research.

How Temperature Control in Chillers & Baths Works

Temperature control is a critical aspect of many applications spanning numerous laboratories across the biotech, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. Chillers and bath circulators are commonly employed to maintain the optimal temperature. The success of your hard work hinges on your temperature control solution.

White Papers and Application Notes

Just How Important is Balance Calibration?

The answer is simple: if you use your balance at all, regular calibration is critical. The question frequently comes up when a balance is initially purchased. A new balance operator’s manual almost always recommends calibration before use

Products in Action

PLC 2020 Compact Liquid Chromatography System

Designed to meet the growing need for personalized solutions, Gilson’s PLC 2020 is one of the only benchtop purification systems on the market capable of performing high pressure reverse phase applications at pressures greater than 500 PSI.

i.C3 User Interface

The i.C3 user interface is icon driven, featuring a 7” full-color touchscreen that is door mounted at eye-level on all upright lab refrigerator models. 

White Papers and Application Notes

Effective Cleaning of Pipettes

Chemical, water or other analysis requiring exact measurement and dispensing of liquid reagents relies on the use of pipettes. Some pipettes are disposable, however, reusable glass pipettes are preferred because they are typically of higher quality and are calibrated more exactly.

Products in Action

LabWare ELN

Recognized worldwide as the leader in enterprise Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and instrument interfacing software, announces the release of LabWare ELN v2.0.
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