The Pathway to Management

Volume 8 Issue 1 | January 2013

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More New Year's Resolutions

Perhaps you’ve made your usual New Year’s resolutions: Get to the gym more often, be a better friend, eat more fruits and vegetables, for which I commend you. However, if you’re looking to make resolutions that will have a direct impact on your job performance and career development, you’ve come to the right place.

Business Management

Leadership and Staffing

Mentoring Matters

An often overlooked practice critical to passing on key aspects of scientific knowledge

Business Management

What it Takes to Have Successful Vendor Relationships

Nurturing good relationships in business is a lot like doing the same in our personal lives. And just like in our personal lives, a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to any type of relationship usually won’t work. However, it can be wise to take at least a page or two from the book of successful relationship strategies when you’re considering how to best manage a business relationship.

Management Tips

Laboratory Technology

Lab Health and Safety

Winning with LOTO

How to design and implement a successful lockout/tag out program for your facililty.

Lab Health and Safety Tips

Have a Written Safety Policy

This is the cornerstone of a good safety program. It’s a statement endorsed and supported by the administration that speaks to the fundamental responsibilities for health and safety in the academic institution or company.

Ask the Expert

Trends in Bioinformatics

Joel Dudley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Genetics and Genomic Sciences and Director of Biomedical Informatics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, talks to contributing editor Tanuja Koppal, Ph.D. about the current changes impacting bioinformatics.

Time to Upgrade?

Time to Upgrade? - Fume Hoods

There are many different signs that it’s time to upgrade your fume hood, but vendors say safety is the number one reason.

Product Focus

Product Focus


2013 ELN Survey Results

Electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs), one component of a lab’s information infrastructure, help laboratories capture and manage knowledge, streamline data management, protect intellectual property and foster collaboration.

2013 Evaporator Survey Results

A rotary evaporator, found in every chemistry lab, allows users to perform chemical separation or purification using heat and agitation—or stirring—under vacuum.  Brought to you by:    

Laboratory Technology

How it Works

How Cell Line Authentication Works

Cross-contamination of human cell lines with other cell lines and/or misidentification of cell cultures is reported to be 18-36 percent. Find out one way to prevent contamination in your lab.

How a Pipetting System Works

Pipetting is a fundamental activity for a laboratory scientist. Almost every experiment requires small and precise volumes of liquid to be transferred from one container to another.
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