A New Generation

Volume 11 Issue 1 | February 2016

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New Game Plans

Welcome to Lab Manager’s first issue of 2016, in which we look at a number of challenges and changes facing today’s lab managers.

Research-Specific Labs

Business Management

Budget Planning

Setting up a new lab can present many challenges, not least among them is managing your budget.

Leadership and Staffing

High Standards

Thanks to stricter government regulations and a closer eye on laboratory tests, accreditation and training remain as important as ever.

Laboratory Technology

Preventing Contamination in Pipetting

This article addresses the three contamination types that originate from pipetting: pipette-to-sample contamination, sample-to-pipette contamination, and sample- to-sample contamination.

Lab Health and Safety


Ask the Expert

Product Focus


Ask the Expert

Advancing Big Data Science

Marina Sirota, PhD, discusses trends in data analysis, tools for data storage, and tackling challenges associated with big data.

Product Focus


Product Focus



How it Works

Laboratory Technology

Products in Action

PolyScience Temperature Control Solutions

For 50 years, PolyScience has been the market leader in liquid temperature control equipment. From un-stirred and circulating baths to industrial-sized chillers, PolyScience has the perfect, precise and reliable solution for your needs.

The New Spectro Arcos

The new SPECTRO ARCOS analyzer represents a new pinnacle of productivity and performance for inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometers. 
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