Getting The Job Done

Volume 12 Issue 1 | February 2017

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Research-Specific Labs

Business Management

Leadership and Staffing

Creating a Positive Lab Culture

Along with hiring the right people, creating a good work environment is also required to help foster and maintain a solid workplace culture

Laboratory Technology

Lab Health and Safety

Managing Laboratory Noise

Many areas within laboratories and especially research facilities are inherently noisy. Exposure to loud noise for long enough periods can result in permanent loss of hearing.


Ask the Expert

Product Focus


Ask the Expert

Product Focus


Product Focus

Product Focus


2017 Lab Ovens User Survey

Find out readers’ ten preferred lab oven features and more from the results of our latest product survey

How it Works

How an Upright Liquid Nitrogen Freezer Works

Practical technologies for achieving long-term frozen storage have historically been constrained to two modes—(1) upright-style freezers and (2) tank-style cryogenic freezers

How a Reagent Dispensing Solution Works

From a safety standpoint, the current methods for transferring reagents risk spills, waste, contamination of the bottle contents, or in the case of glass ampoules, pose a risk from broken glass and sharp edges.
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