Employee Satisfaction

Volume 12 Issue 8 | September 2017

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Business Management

Time for a Career Change?

What are the alternatives for those ambitious individuals who are blocked for promotion, whose job has lost its challenge, or who have lost their job?

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Business Management

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Laboratory Technology

Lab Health and Safety

Lab Health and Safety


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Ask the Expert

Tackling Sample Prep for Mass Spectrometry

Thomas Neubert, PhD, talks to contributing editor Tanuja Koppal, PhD, about analyzing small molecules and proteins from diverse samples using mass spectrometry (MS).

Product Focus

Required Reading for Cell-Based Assays

The transfer of standard “test tube” chemical, biochemical, and live-cell assays to microplate formats boosted scientists’ ability to run large-scale, replicative experiments in many different formats.

Product Focus

The Many Ways to Shake Samples

When shopping for the right shaker, there are many factors to consider; as the rock band Genesis would say, there’s an “ocean of motion.”

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