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Cover Story |  January 2013

Insights on Automated Sample Preparation

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Introduction: Consistency, Economy, Error Reduction, and Freedom From Routine are Common Drivers

Sample preparation (“prep”) is a tedious, time-consuming task but a necessary part of nearly every analytical workflow, regardless of industry or laboratory type.

Making the Business Case: Preparing Exact Concentrations in Just the Right Quantities

Arguing against lab automation is becoming more difficult, particularly for sample prep. With reagents and solvents costing what they do, a business case based on direct cost savings for critical materials stands on its own.

Caveats: Limitations of Sample Prep Systems Vary by Instrument Type and Sample

Despite protestations to the contrary, automation is not something to undertake casually. Due to the dizzying array of possibilities and workflows, the technology has not yet achieved the simplicity of consumer products.

Diversity: Improved Sample Prep Speed and Accuracy Depend Upon Workflow

A comprehensive review of sample preparation would require a multivolume work. Beyond that, covering the possible number of workflows given the hundreds of potential “unit operations” would fill an encyclopedia, especially when solids (rock, soil, animal tissue) are considered.

A Q&A with Select Automated Sample Prep Experts

A Q&A with Select Automated Sample Prep Experts

A Question and Answer with Select Automated Sample Prep Experts