Centrifuge Resource Guide

Centrifuge Resource Guide

Centrifuges are necessary, yet versatile tools in any lab

Lab Manager

Centrifuges are an essential tool for separating samples into components. A staple in any lab, purchasing this vital tool can be intimidating as it needs to suit all your current and future needs. The centrifuge size and speed required will depend on the application, sample type, and sample size. Available safety features like imbalance detection are also important to consider when purchasing a centrifuge. After selecting the right centrifuge for your lab, careful cleaning and maintenance of your centrifuge will help ensure its functionality for years to come.

 In this eBook you will learn: 

  • Questions to ask before buying a centrifuge
  • Basics of centrifuge operation and maintenance
  • How to choose the right centrifuge tubes 
  • Available safety features