Gas Generator Resource Guide

Gas Generator Resource Guide

Reliability and gas purity are key factors to consider when purchasing gas generators

Lab Manager

Gas cylinders require regular maintenance, need to be changed frequently, and can pose safety hazards for lab staff. Gas generators offer a convenient alternative by producing gas on demand. These easy-to-maintain instruments can produce ultrahigh-purity helium, hydrogen, and nitrogen gas for applications such as GC-MS and LC-MS. The constant production of gas means increased analytical instrument uptime because tanks no longer need to be changed. Important factors to consider when purchasing gas generators are the type of gas required, the level of purity required, and the volume of gas required.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • Questions to ask when buying a gas generator
  • Benefits of using gas generators
  • Preventive care for your gas generator
  • Hydrogen and Nitrogen Gas Generators in GC-MS and LC-MS