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Pro Scientific: Multi-Prep Rapid Homogenizer

Multi-sample homogenizing made simple

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Free up your valuable lab time by homogenizing with the Multi-Prep Rapid Homogenizer and significantly increase your laboratory productivity. With its automated processes, the Multi-Prep can produce more consistent homogenizing results compared to traditional non-automated and standard manual homogenizing methods.

This automated homogenizing system allows for up to six samples to be homogenized at one time in mere seconds, giving you the maximum ability to process up to 300 samples per hour. Automation is made easy with the stress-free self-engagement and disengagement of the Multi-Prep Probes, making this truly a hands-free homogenizing system.

This superior design provides the ability to process more difficult samples, including tough tissues and frozen samples. Their infinitely reusable nature means you can use them again and again. When homogenization is complete, the Multi-Prep Probes can be sterilized by any cleaning method, including flaming, autoclaving, and chemical cleaning.

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