Micronit Microfluidics announced a new lab-on-a-chip platform named “Fluidic Connect.” The platform enables researchers to create their own lab-on-a-chip setup in just a few minutes.

Fluidic Connect offers a solution for two major problems in the use of lab-on-a-chip, namely integration with existing equipment, and replacement of microfluidic chips. “Fluidic Connect allows the use of standard laboratory equipment in combination with microfluidic chips”, explains Ronny van ‘t Oever, CTO and co-founder of Micronit. “With Fluidic Connect, a larger chip area can be detected with a microscope objective. The user-friendly chip cartridge with the size of a microscope slide enables an easy chip connection. The chip holder guarantees a leak-free connection up to 100 bars and 100 degrees Celsius.”
Within the lab-on-a-chip platform, different microfluidic chips are available off-the-shelf, such as microreactors, micromixers and cross channel chips. These chips are all compatible with the Fluidic Connect 4515 chip holder and the connection kits. Clients are also free to design their own chips that are compatible with the platform. For customized chips with integrated electrodes, Micronit recently launched easy-to-use electrical connections, also compatible with Fluidic Connect.
Fluidic Connect is a modular product that can be integrated as a building block in a laboratory system or setup. According to Van ‘t Oever, it can be easily adapted to specific applications, depending on the relative importance of requirements like low dead volume, pressure and temperature range. He concludes: “Fluidic Connect enables researchers to significantly reduce the time to do their analysis. And above all, it reduces their frustration when creating and connecting a lab-on-a-chip setup.”