Molecular Devices and Roche have teamed up to develop a custom Ruthenium Nano-TRF® detection platform.Molecular DevicesNano-TRF® is a robust, Ruthenium-based time-resolved assay used in high-throughput screening for drug discovery. Ruthenium-based dyes combine the advantages of the Lanthanide (e.g. Eu, Tb) based time-resolved detection and nanosecond fluorophores: the high quantum efficiency Ruthenium-dyes have bright far-red signals with low background due to time resolved detection, do not require strong UV excitation but rather can be excited with visible light, are chemically robust, and have proven and stable detection in many biological matrices. However, the instrumentation for proper and scalable implementation of Ruthenium Nano-TRF® had not previously been developed. 

“We make the instruments that only existed as ideal specs in a team meeting or a protocol draft,” says Shawn M M Laymon, VP of Molecular Devices Global Services & Custom Solutions. “We look forward to a continued relationship with Roche and to building new relationships with customers looking for a partner to help them create custom detection and analysis systems that meet their specific workflow needs.” 

Molecular Devices’ SpectraMax Paradigm Multi-Mode Detection Platform employs a cartridge-based system that expands the capability of the plate reader beyond traditional assays to include applications such as western blotting and imaging cytometry. Users can choose from more than 20 existing cartridges or engage Molecular Devices Custom Technologies to create a cartridge that fits their needs. 

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