Mokon Duratherm MAX BUFFALO, N.Y. (September 28, 2017)Mokon, an international leader in high-quality circulating liquid temperature control systems, is pleased to announce the expansion of its Duratherm MAX line of water systems with temperatures up to 380°F (193°C) and system pressures up to 300 PSI (20.7 Bar). Now available within the product line is a lower temperature D3 Series, which has capabilities up to 330°F (166°C) and an option for 340°F (171°C). 

“We’re offering the D3 Series lower temperature Duratherm MAX water systems in order to provide our customers with a greater selection for their high temperature requirements instead of relying on steam or oil systems as their heat transfer medium,” Rob Kennery, vice president of sales and marketing, says. “The D3 Series fills the gap for customers who are looking for high temperature requirements over 300°F but do not need the maximum temperature of 380°F that is provided in the D4 Series.”

The Duratherm MAX product line is ideal for restrictive processes and high-temperature water applications. We designed the system to self-generate the pressures required to produce high temperatures from city or plant water connections. The small hold-up volume and energy-efficient heater design provide maximum heat up and cool down results.

About Mokon
For over 60 years, Mokon has set the standard for high-quality circulating liquid temperature control systems. Through the development of new products, refinement of existing designs, and our ability to create custom engineered solutions, Mokon has consistently demonstrated its ability to foresee the evolving needs of customers in plastics, packaging, converting, composites, food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, rubber, printing, general processing, and many more industries.

The company’s product line has grown significantly since it first introduced a water temperature control system in 1955 to include heat transfer oil systems, portable and central chillers, pump tanks, cooling towers, blown film coolers, cold climate coolers, engineered and pre-engineered control panels, maintenance products and custom designed/engineered systems.

Mokon’s circulating liquid heating and chilling equipment is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. Mokon is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company.