Caron Gel Jacket(Marietta, OH, October 16, 2017) Caron is pleased to announce the issuance of two US patents covering its revolutionary Gel Jacket technology. This exclusive Caron feature provides CO2 incubators with the temperature maintenance after power loss of a water jacket, but with none of the maintenance. Gel Jacket’s core phase-change material is sealed into the chamber for the life of the unit, and since it can release far more heat than an equivalent weight of either water or metal, permits the design of an incubator that is almost as light as a conventional air-jacketed unit. 

Gel Jacket technology is available both in the 10 cu.ft (283L) Gel Jacket CO2 incubator, and Caron’s latest unit, the 5 cu.ft (142L) Wally. 

“Caron just received official recognition that this innovation is both unique and valuable to the market”, commented Steve Keiser, Caron Chairman. “Gel Jacket gives critical culture users both maximum security, and ease of operation; it’s the best of both worlds.”

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