HTA HT1500LIs your HPLC routine calling for automation? Look no further than the HT1500L: an autosampler specifically designed for HPLC, fully equipped with all the powerful features any HPLC technician would naturally choose. 

HT15000L is the newborn HPLC autosampler by HTA that offers the best balance of quality and affordability and that is perfectly compatible with any HPLC system. 

Unlike LC-MS, nanoLC, and UHPLC systems, the HPLC requires few, essential features: excellent analytical performance, good sample capacity, and of course, uncompromised reliability, robustness, and durability. HTA has showered the HT1500L with all these essential features, while eliminating anything unnecessary to keep costs as a minimum. 

No frills but even no compromise. Despite the competitive price, HT1500L has a strong commitment to quality: the materials have been picked to provide longevity; the up-to-date technologies offer reliability that deserve a modern instrument, while the design attests to our care to details. 

HT1500L holds multiple racks—each of them removable—to allow continuous sample feeding and more convenient operations. The on-board solvent reservoir allows the needle and the whole flowpath cleaning before processing the next sample. 

HT1500L comes with HTA Autosampler Manager, HTA's complementary software for autosampler programming. After setting the method once, the operator just needs to load samples and press START—all the samples in the racks will be automatically processed.  A seamless integration can be experienced also with the currently used Chromatography Data System. 

HT1500L can actually become your workhorse, extremely reliable and straight to the point!