Gibco B-27 Plus Neuronal Culture System Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed the new Gibco™ B-27™ Plus Neuronal Culture System to enable superior modeling of neurons, which is fundamental to advancing our understanding of the brain and neurological disease. 

The new Gibco B-27 Plus Neuronal Culture System is a next-generation media system that provides the highest rate of in vitro survival of primary rodent and human stem cell-derived neurons. This system features improvements that enable accelerated neurite outgrowth, improved electrophysiological activity, and maturation of neurons. The culture system is proven to seamlessly replace other neuronal cell culture systems, such as classic regular versions of B-27 Supplement and Neurobasal Medium, with no changes to current workflows.

Neurons are electrically excitable cells that receive, process, and send information through electrical and chemical signals. A powerful approach to studying neurons is to study them in a dish, which are most commonly obtained from brain tissue or generated from stem cells. In either case, the ability to keep these cells alive and to function like they do in the brain have been key obstacles in our understanding of how the brain functions. 

The B-27™ Plus Neuronal Culture System enables neuroscience researchers to experiment with neurons in a dish that look like and function like neurons in the brain—that allows them to study processes that were not possible before—including the therapeutic potential for different drugs in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. 

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