Advanced Analytical Technology Inc: High Sensitivity Fragment Analysis Kits for cfDNA Quality ControlSequencing cell-free DNA (cfDNA) fragments, a biomarker used to detect and treat cancer via a liquid biopsy, needs an optimal DNA concentration during flow-cell loading. Advanced Analytical Technology Inc.’s line of High Sensitivity Fragment Analysis Kits for their Fragment Analyzer Automated Capillary Electrophoresis System can measure the size and concentration of the three common cfDNA fragments (the ~165 bp mono-nucleosome, the ~350 bp di-nucleosome, and the ~565 bp tri-nucleosome) using only 2mL of sample. The kits use internal standards, which enables accurate DNA quantification within 25 percent. The sizing accuracy for their small fragment and NGS kits is within five percent, while the accuracy of the large fragment kit is around 15 percent. Runs are completed in less than an hour. These kits contain everything for an optimized capillary electrophoresis experiment on cfDNA.

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