Jetanizer™ from Activated Research Company The new Jetanizer™ from Activated Research Company is a revolutionary replacement for traditional FID jets which drastically simplifies the analysis of CO and CO2 using GC/FID. It’s been specially engineered and made possible by advances in 3D-printing and ARC’s proprietary catalysts. The Jetanizer™ is the world’s easiest-to-use methanizer and installs in your FID like a normal jet to catalytically convert CO and CO2 to methane for ppb-to-100% concentration detection.

Traditional methanizers have, to date, provided scientists with the ability to analyze CO and CO2 using GC/FID. However, these traditional methanizers involve additional plumbing and heater control, timely installation, and toxic metal catalysts with no resilience towards poisoning. The Jetanizer™, on the other hand, has no extra plumbing or heater control which minimizes fittings and leaks. In addition, ARC’s proprietary non-toxic catalysts provide higher tolerance to poisoning coupled with higher catalytic activity, which allows for a larger linear dynamic range.

Virtually eliminating most methanizers and calibrations, ARC’s Jetanizer™ allows scientists to analyze CO and CO2, in various matrices, more easily than before. Scientists can use the Jetanizer™ in many industries, including: oil & gas, chemicals, biofuels, academia, and more.

See the Jetanizer™ at Pittcon 2018 at Booth 2166