Panasonic TwinGuard Model MDF-DU302VX-PA The new slim profile upright ultra-low temperature freezer from Panasonic Healthcare is designed for long-term storage of high-value specimens.

The TwinGuard Model MDF-DU302VX-PA has a patented, dual cooling system that creates a tighter circle of protection by operating at temperatures as low as -86ºC or maintaining -70ºC should a service event occur.

The TwinGuard freezer is managed by a unique microprocessor digital controller designed for setpoint security, temperature display, and alarm functions. Data is continuously collected throughout the system to predict any deviations from expected performance, which would in turn initiate alarms with audible and visual alerts. All performance attributes are displayed and an internal time/temperature log is expressed in graphic form.

The 26.4" wide freezer holds up to 240 standard 2" storage boxes within a compact 6.36 sq.ft. floor space. This narrow footprint design offers an ideal solution where close proximity to critical personal samples is desired, or where off-site or shared freezer storage is not feasible.

Based on a proven record of performance, the freezer delivers interior temperature uniformity, fast recovery after door openings, and high ambient temperature tolerances necessary to help achieve reproducible research results.

The TwinGuard freezer is also available in an 18.6 cu.ft., and 25.7 cu.ft. upright cabinet configuration as well as a 25.3 cu.ft. chest model.

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