TSI ChemLite® Plus LIBS AnalyzerShoreview, MN — December 21, 2017

TSI Incorporated is pleased to introduce the latest handheld instrument in its line of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzers to attendees of the Pittcon Conference and Expo 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

Fast, safe, accurate handheld LIBS analysis

The ChemLite™ Plus LIBS Analyzer identifies more base metals, including iron, copper, and nickel, in as little as one second. Its improved limits of detection are the lowest of any handheld LIBS device on the market. The ChemLite Plus is the only LIBS device on the market with the following features.

  • Class 1M eye-safe laser technology
  • Argon-free operation
  • Built-in cleaning mode
  • The largest laser spot size available; no rastering needed
  • Built in calibrations for Al, Mg, Cu, Fe, Ti, and Ni for on-the-spot elemental concentration measurement

NEW: Spectrum logging and downloading for research applications

The Chemlite Plus comes with spectrum logging and downloading capability. With ChemLite Plus, researchers can:

  • Measure and save spectra of any material in the field, and download later for analysis. 
  • Export spectra to .CSV files for use with Excel or Chemometrics platform. 
  • Develop new calibrations specific to your applications. 

Chemlite Plus supports applications outside of metal analysis including archeology, mining, and geology, for example, to determine provenance of material. The Chemlite is a portable, easy-to-use platform for LIBS applications in the field.

Watch a demo or try the ChemLite LIBS Analyzer and other TSI LIBS and Raman molecular analysis instruments yourself at Pittcon 2018 in Booth 2603.