Binding Site sheep anti-human, monkey adsorbed, IgG antibodiesSan Diego, CA — Binding Site’s Immunologicals Group is pleased to announce the addition of a number of sheep anti-human, monkey adsorbed, IgG antibodies to its broad offering of products for research applications. All of these polyclonal antibodies have been expressly designed for use as an integral component within a variety of different testing procedures, especially enzyme immunoassays (EIAs). As such, researchers involved in the life science, drug discovery, clinical, and biopharmaceutical fields will find the availability of these products especially useful in their efforts.

Available in two main classes—those targeted to IgG (Fc) and those targeted to IgG (Intact / H+L)—all of these affinity purified antibodies demonstrate minimal species cross-reactivity with monkey serum proteins, due to insoluble adsorption techniques utilized during manufacturing. Plus, these antibodies also feature exceptional lot-to-lot consistencies and offer extended shelf life stability claims. In addition, all of the available antibodies can be supplied in an unconjugated format, or pre-conjugated to either FITC (Fluorescein Isothiocyanate), or HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase). All are available in compact, standard-sized vials of 1.0 mg; with larger bulk configurations also being available.

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