Cambridge, UK and Edinburgh, UK, 02 May 2018 — IONTAS Limited (IONTAS), a leader in the discovery and optimisation of fully human antibodies, and aTen Therapeutics Limited (aTen), a private biopharmaceutical company developing next-generation antibodies for the treatment of cancer, announced today (May 2) that they have entered into a strategic collaboration. Under the agreement, IONTAS will use its proprietary antibody discovery platforms to deliver antibodies against biological targets selected by aTen. 

IONTAS and aTen Therapeutics announce collaboration to discover therapeutic oncology leadsDr. John McCafferty, CEO and founder of IONTAS, said: “The use of traditional in vivo technologies can work well to generate simple therapeutic antibodies, but with increasing requirements for specificity, function, developability, and affinity, these traditional approaches are not always appropriate. IONTAS will apply its technologies to overcome limitations of other platforms to generate therapeutic leads against pre-defined specification from aTen, to help its current pipeline progress.” 

Prof. Chris Wood, chairman and founder of aTen, commented: “IONTAS was selected because of its technological expertise and proven track record of delivering antibodies to all its partners. We value the extensive experience IONTAS can add to advancing aTen’s therapeutic programs in the fight against cancer.” 

Dr. John McCafferty will present “Antibody-display libraries in mammalian cells created using CRISPR/cas9 and TALE nuclear essence” at 11:25 EST on 02 May 2018 during the Therapeutics & Technologies Stream - CRISPR FOR GENOME ENGINEERING at PEGS in Boston, MA. 

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