tri-clampMany media and buffer preparation mixing tanks used in the life sciences, biopharma, and food and beverage industries are plastic (poly vessels). They are frequently designed for use in smaller batch sizes, where the traditional heavy and bulky mixers do not fit these process tank applications well.  

Now, White Mountain Process offers a unique, pre-engineered, ultra-light weight GMP sanitary mixer that mounts right on the Tri-clamp (often called a TC sanitary connection) connections of poly and stainless steel process vessels. These compact, ergonomic, and hygienic agitators are typically used for tank volumes ranging in size of 5 liters to 500 liters and provide complete dissolving of solids being added with 100% uniformity of the mixture in rapid time. The mixers are autoclave ready, so you remove the light weight motor/gearbox using the triclamp connection, then sterilizes the vessel and in-tank mixer together, quickly and easily.

Operators can easily move the mixer from tank to tank because of its light-weight design. Cleaning and sterilizing is simple via CIP spray balls in the tank, autoclaving, or hand wipe down. Customers appreciate the “Gold Standard” GMP documentation package that provides traceable material test reports for all components, whether they are electropolished 316Lss or USP VI PP material. Because of the White Mountain Process mixer’s compact size, mixing in small vessels presents the ideal solution.

Improve your mixing ergonomics

  • Low level mixing capability for excellent media uniformity during pump out
  • Chromatography resin slurry guaranteed to blend uniformly for ease of packing columns
  • Mixers available in 316Lss, Exotic Alloys like Hast C, and all non-metallic designs, including USP VI Polypropylene
  • Easy to clean, GMP design with CIP spray ball and optional riboflavin testing
  • Complete documentation package with 100% traceability
  • Expertise in design and manufacturing according to required standards
  • Meets the required process performance and functionality to maintain compliance according to technical/regulatory guidelines

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