turbotraceThe TurboTrace PFC SPE system is a fully automated sample preparation system for analyzing perfluorinated compounds in waste water.  The system is a green technique that provides consistent, reproducible results and eliminates sample reruns. It incorporates vacuum or positive pressure pump to load samples for compliance with all SPE methods.  It uses positive pressure pumping for precise and accurate delivery of conditioning, washing, and elution solvents. The TurboTrace PFC SPE system is specifically designed to isolate analytes of interest from a wide variety of liquid matrices such as urine, blood, water, milk, beverages. Sample sizes range from 2 mL to 8 L and use the same bottle the sample was collected in. Sample loading rates are programmable. A vacuum or positive pressure pump is used to load samples onto the SPE cartridges and columns at unprecedented speeds and it easily handles both clean and tough sample matrices. An liquid sensor detects when the sample has been loaded, triggering the system to initate next steps. The TurboTrace PFC SPE system concentrates samples up to 250 mL directly to a GC vial. The Sample Processing Module is designed to use all standard formats of SPE cartridges and columns on the market today. For guaranteed results, especially when dealing with low limits of detection, we recommend FMS prepacked columns and cartridges.