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  • Useful for air- and moisture-sensitive samples
  • Include an open-top cap and a teflon/silicon septum
  • Provide easy access for kinetic studies
  • Optional lengths also available

New Era Screw Thread NMR Sample Tubes are used for carbon detected quantitative experiments as well as for air- and moisture-sensitive samples.
The convenience of a screw cap is combined with the security of a teflon/glass seal.

Each tube includes an open-top cap and a teflon/silicon septum. A 22 gauge, standard point needle is recommended for a clean puncture.

For the best performance, replace the septum after a few uses. An optional solid-top cap is available for extended work with a sample.

Secure the cap with a few turns of parafilm for longer service. To maintain spinning quality, choose from two lengths (158 and 168mm) to place the threads closest to the spinner. Optional lengths are also available.