coleparmThe new Cole-Parmer Gear Pump is a compact, cost-effective drive that offers simple variable speed control for many fluid handling applications. The drive handles system pressures up to 21 bar—ideal for pressure filtration. Pump operators can couple this drive with an A-mount gear pump head for pulseless, continuous-duty flow. With a flow range of 0.85 to 5850 mL/min, it is ideal for a variety of fluid transfer applications from general fluid transfer to filtration to chemical injection.

These modern, reliable pumps feature 100:1 speed-control to deliver flow over a wide range. A separate power switch enables the pump operator to maintain speed setting when turning drive on or off. Convenient remote control of start or stop is available via DB9 connector on the back of the drive. Compatible gear pump heads are available in either cavity or suction-shoe style. Suction shoe design provides higher delivery pressures and temperatures, plus increased efficiency.

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