Air Science Purair® SKY Air Science Purair® SKY Credit: Air ScienceThe Purair® SKY ceiling mounted filtration units are designed to protect laboratory personnel and the environment in areas where hazardous substances are handled.

These units feature a dynamic filtration chamber with a sliding filter clamp that allows for simple, quick filter changes. Units come with an epoxy coated steel support frame with LED lighting and wall mounted controls. An electrostatic pre-filter helps trap additional contaminants and increase filter life.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced carbon filtration technology
  • Multi-unit connection options
  • Ceiling mounted or hanging configurations
  • Energy efficiency
  • Enhanced filtration. Central to the design of the Purair SKY Series is the Multiplex™ Filtration System developed to ensure universal protection in the work environment over the widest range of applications within the industry.

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