FlowJo™ software version 10.6 for flow cytometry data analysisFlowJo™ software version 10.6 for flow cytometry data analysis.Credit: BDBD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), a leading global medical technology company has announced the availability of FlowJo™ software version 10.6 for flow cytometry data analysis. The software adds new analysis capabilities and enhances integration with BD FACSDiva™ software, making it easier for users to analyze multiple flow cytometry runs and compare data in a single view.

New FlowJo™ software features include:

  • BD FACSDiva™ software integration enables researchers to streamline experimental design and analysis by importing and exporting compensation and gates separating cell populations of interest between BD instruments and FlowJo™ software, helping to reduce redundancies in defining cell populations for additional study or analysis.
  • Optimized spectral compensation enables a spectral analysis workflow allowing detection of fluors across all available channels that can improve data quality and resolution.
  • Additional heat mapping and overlays for kinetics, proliferation, and cell cycle analysis enhance visualization capabilities enabling researchers to gain more insights from their data.
  • Additional options for parameter filters to streamline the selection of parameters of study.
  • Faster t-SNE with automated state-of-the-art adjustments enabling meaningful dimensionality reduction on millions of cells without down sampling.
  • Auto-naming of stat table columns to save time in creating table of statistics.
  • Auto-save to ensure that data analysis work is regularly saved.