The DrySyn ChilliBlock from Asynt allows you to undertake sensitive biological assays in a temperature-controlled manor, vastly reducing the risk of expensive biological samples, reagents, or enzymes degrading due to adverse temperature conditions.

Chiliblock set up for cooling tubes and a microplateChiliblock set up for cooling tubes and a microplate. Credit: AsyntTraditionally, methods of cooling biological assays have relied upon direct immersion in insulated ice buckets which are prone to considerable temperature variability, sample contamination, and loss of wetted labels. In addition, using this methodology can only maintain a cooled temperature for a limited time, and requires staff to periodically monitor and add new coolant (ice).

Modular in design, the ChilliBlock base can be simply attached to most laboratory heating / cooling circulators, thereby enabling stable temperature control at 'important biological temperatures' such as 0°C or 37°C for long periods of time. Designed for versatility, the ChilliBlock has interchangeable blocks for tubes, vials, and plates as well as custom DrySyn blocks to fit any Eppendorf tube or vial.

For laboratories required to undertake larger numbers of biological assays, the low profile of the Chilliblock allows it to be fully compatible with robotic sample handling systems.

Manufactured from durable anodized aluminium—ChilliBlock’s offer good chemical resistance and will reliably allow you to maintain the integrity of your thermally sensitive biological samples for many years.

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