The Ziath range of single tube scanners, compact rack readers, and large multi-rack readers are all capable of reading 2D-barcoded tubes straight from the freezer. 

Reading 2D-Barcoded Tubes Straight from the FreezerZiath’s proprietary “cryoprotection” coating is proven to stop fogging of scanner or reader glass from occurring.Credit: ZiathA common problem when using 2D-bar coded tube racks straight from the freezer is "fogging" of the scanner or reader glass as condensation forms on the surface which has been cooled by the application of cold racks or tubes. Ziath’s proprietary “cryoprotection” coating is proven to stop this fogging from occurring. 

On standard scanner glass, cold tube racks will cause a layer of condensate to form across the surface of the untreated glass, which can lead to problems in resolving and accurately decoding the 2D bar codes on the underside of the tubes. 

An additional advantage of Ziath’s cryoprotection coating, which is available as an option on all their tube readers and scanners, is that unlike physical methods, such as blowing heated air over the surface, it will not heat up and potentially cause damage to delicate thermally sensitive samples. 

Ziath's 2D-bar coded tube scanners and rack readers are intuitive to use, reliable, robust, and used by organizations worldwide for biobanking, compound management, and all other sample tracking applications. 

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Founded in 2005, Ziath specializes in development of innovative instrumentation control and information management products using 2D DataMatrix bar-coded tubes to simplify automation processes in life science organizations from academia to the biotech and pharma industries. For further information please visit