Mason, Ohio (October 7, 2019) — The Harris Products Group Model 920 Switchover System provides a continuous supply of high purity gas for applications such as process analyzing, research sampling, gas chromatography, and emission monitoring. 

The Harris Products Group Model 920 switchover systemThe Harris Products Group Model 920 switchover system. Credit: The Harris Products GroupThe SG 920 ensures continuous gas flow to downstream applications by automatically switching gas supply from a primary cylinder bank to a reserve cylinder bank. When the primary cylinder bank drops to a specified pressure, the system automatically switches to the other cylinder bank to maintain a constant flow of gas. Once the empty cylinders are replaced, the user resets the primary bank with a simple turn of a knob. This cycle is repeated as pressure drops, thus keeping a consistent delivery of gas to downstream applications and eliminating downtime. 

In addition to serving a critical role in the reliable delivery of specialty gases, the system has an aesthetically appealing design that looks good and fits well in industrial or professional settings. All system components—including piping, regulators, and valves—are housed within a powder coated steel enclosure. 

The SG 920 can be used with gas delivery systems with inlet pressures up to 3000 PSIG. Harris regulators installed within the unit control delivery pressures. Two versions of the SG 920 are available. The model 920 is suitable for applications needing delivery pressures of 0-100 PSIG, and the model 920 HP for applications of 0-200 PSIG. 

An optional two-channel remote alarm panel is offered with the SG 920 system. The Harris Model 1031 Annunciator panel features a highly visible lighted status notification, a distinctive audible notification, auto-reset when cylinders are replenished, and an audible alarm silence feature. Additional alarm panels can be added to the SG920 for customers who need notifications in multiple areas of their facilities. The 1031 Annunciator has a non-incendive circuit which limits the power to the device, a NEMA 4 rating, and can be used with flammable gases without the need for a physical barrier. 

The SG 920 switchover systems and other Harris turnkey solutions are designed, manufactured, tested, and stocked for rapid fulfillment at the company’s Gainesville, GA facility.