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Abstract & Registration Deadlines Approaching for PREP Symposium

Most recognized international conference in the world focusing on the latest developments in preparative and process chromatography, separation science, and technology

PREP Symposium

Oral Abstracts Due February 16th

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Join us for another dynamic and innovative program where experts from around the world will address key developments, issues, and hottest topics in the Preparative and Process Chromatography field. The program will be packed with papers on biochromatography, downstream processing, QbD, monoclonal antibodies, plasmids, enzymes, vaccines, VLPs, and other biopharmaceuticals, chiral molecules, SFC, fine chemicals, peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, APIs, natural products, batch, multi-column, and continuous SMB processes, column technology and equipment, monoliths, new and improved stationary phases, membrane chromatography, regulatory aspects, and more!

Key Dates

February 16, 2016 - Abstract deadline for ORAL presentations

March 1, 2016 - Early registration at reduced rate

April 1, 2016 - Deadline for poster abstracts for inclusion in the preliminary program

Keynote Sessions

  • Industrial Case Studies in Protein Chromatography
  • Continuous Chromatography for APIs, Fine Chemicals, and Natural Products
  • Continuous Downstream Processing for Biopharmaceuticals
  • Preparative Chromatography in Drug Discovery, Development, and Manufacture
  • Process Scale Purification of Peptides and Oligonucleotides
  • Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

New Workshops and Tutorial Program

  • Workshop on Fundamentals of Preparative Chromatography for Biomolecule Purification by Batch and Continuous Chromatography
  • Workshop on Fundamentals of Preparative Chromatography for Purification of APIs, Peptides, and Oligonucleotides by Batch Chromatography, SMB, and SFC 
  • Workshop on Regulatory Fundamentals, QbD, and Design of Experiments for Biopharmaceuticals
  • Tutorial on Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting Analytical and Overloaded Prep Chromatography

Free Vendor Workshops

Free vendor workshops will be offered by AkzoNobel/Kromasil, NovaSep, Purolite Life Sciences, Thermo Fisher Scientific, with more to be confirmed soon. The vendor workshops provide opportunities to get acquainted with the latest developments in equipment, media, and services available on the market. 


Showcasing leading companies at the forefront of Preparative and Process Chromatography, the Exhibition offers opportunities to view new product launches, check out innovative products, explore ground-breaking technologies, attend free vendor workshops, and discuss challenges and solutions with experts in the booths.  


Avantor Performance Materials, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Genentech, MedImmune, Merck, Pfizer, Shire, YMC. 

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