Activated Research Company® Partners with Wasson-ECE to Provide New Analytical Solutions with the Polyarc® Reactor System

The Polyarc reactor is a catalytic microreactor that enhances existing gas chromatographs with flame ionization detectors

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN — Activated Research Company® (ARC), manufacturer of the award-winning Polyarc® reactor system, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Wasson-ECE Instrumentation, a leading provider of custom gas chromatographs (GCs) and analytical solutions. This relationship enables Wasson-ECE to continue providing customers with the latest innovations to meet their GC needs through a private label version of the Polyarc reactor system, while expanding the market for ARC to include international customers.

The Polyarc reactor is a catalytic microreactor that enhances existing gas chromatographs (GC) with flame ionization detectors (FID) by converting all organic compounds to methane molecules prior to their detection by the FID. The Polyarc reactor system reduces operating costs, allows for quantification without calibration standards, improves accuracy, and detects compounds with little or no previous FID sensitivity.

With its long-standing reputation as an industry leader for custom GC solutions, Wasson-ECE is known worldwide for its expertise and focus on customer satisfaction. The revolutionary Polyarc reactor system is an exciting complement to the Wasson-ECE product line and will provide particular value to those in the petroleum, chemical, and other analytical industries.

“Combining our private label version of the Polyarc reactor system with our core chromatography technology allows us to expand our portfolio of solutions, which will greatly benefit our customers,” says John Wasson, President of Wasson-ECE. “There are many applications of the device and we look forward to integrating it into new and existing GC solutions as well as being ARC’s global distribution channel.”

“Wasson-ECE’s reputation for quality, vision and innovation are a perfect match to ARC’s mission and we are excited to have this private label version of the Polyarc reactor system included in their custom GC solutions,” says Andrew Jones, Partner and Co-Founder of ARC. “Wasson-ECE has built a strong community across the globe, and with increased access to the market through their client base we believe the new Wasson-ECE reactor system by ARC will be an ideal analytical solution for a large number of current and new GC users.”

As a result of this collaboration, Wasson-ECE is also now the global distribution channel for the Polyarc reactor system outside of the U.S. In addition to selling the product, Wasson-ECE will provide technical assistance, warrant performance, and ensure customer satisfaction.