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Euformatics Integrates AMP/ASCO/CAP Variant Guidelines Into omnomicsNGS

The AMP/ASCO/CAP guidelines establish a four-tiered system for categorizing the clinical significance of somatic sequence variants based on evidence of their impact on cancer care


ESPOO, Finland, November, 2017.– Finnish bioinformatics firm, Euformatics has released an improved version of its CE-marked omnomicsNGS software that incorporates the AMP/ASCO Standards and Guidelines for the Interpretation and Reporting of Sequence Variants in Cancer. 

omnomicsNGS logoThe AMP/ASCO/CAP guidelines establish a four-tiered system based on clinical evidence from drug labels, guidelines, and peer-reviewed publications for categorizing the clinical significance of somatic sequence variants based on evidence of their impact on cancer care. The guidelines were published in January following their development by a multidisciplinary working group from the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) with participation by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

"With the integration of the AMP/ASCO/CAP guidelines into omnomicsNGS, molecular pathology labs are now able to continue to enjoy the flexibility and scalability of the omnomicsNGS platform while being confident in their reporting of both the clinical relevance of somatic variants and the associated treatment options and clinical trials available to the oncologist,” states Euformatics CTO Jussi Volanen. The omnomicsNGS solution is unique for labs that require deep integration. The software goes beyond cloud only-based solutions to enable labs to not only install on local on-site servers but to also independently integrate databases or data sources and population-specific data. "This is especially important for labs with their own strict data security requirements or labs analyzing data from populations different from general populations,” comments Euformatics CSO, Dr. Chistophe Roos. The integration capabilities of omnomicsNGS also allow labs to integrate into complex IT infrastructures that include third-party solutions and EHR/EMR. Therefore, labs have the opportunity to more easily pursue large scale collaboration at the intersection of the clinic, research, biobanking, and even pharma, facilitating rapid knowledge-base growth and exchange. 

The latest release arrives on the heels of the company’s recently announced development for NGS quality management and test validation. A spinoff of this development is the jointly deployed Oncomatic platform, an online companion to Horizon Discovery’s Oncospan reference standard.