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Aerosol spray on a black background
Certain aerosols can serve as condensation nuclei or can interact with oxygen turning them into harmful particulates

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Image of the intracluster light of the cluster SMACS-J0723.3-7327 obtained with the NIRCAM camera on board of JWST

The James Webb Telescope Produces a New View of the Light in Galaxy Clusters

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Intracluster light can be used to learn more about the formation of galaxy clusters

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Depressed teenager looks at his reflection in a bathroom mirror

COVID-19 Pandemic Stress Physically Aged Teenagers’ Brains

New study from Stanford shows that the pandemic made young people mature faster neurologically
Aerial photo of a lake in the middle of a forest

Earth’s Lakes Contributing Disproportionately to Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The number of lakes and reservoirs has surged over the past few decades. Scientists are now attempting to capture the environmental impact of this increase
Magnet attracting metal balls

Making Sense of Coercivity in Magnetic Materials with Machine Learning

A meaningful approach for analyzing how a material’s microstructure relates to its macroscopic physical properties
Fish swimming in the ocean

To Save Nature, Focus on Populations, Not Species

New research shows that marine species may be more tolerant to warming than previously thought
Peanuts and peanut shells on a white background

Peanuts and Herbs and Spices May Positively Impact Gut Microbiome

byPenn State
Two studies show that adding peanuts and herbs and spices to you diet can increase healthy gut bacteria
Solar panels on the edge of a field

Emerging Technology Allows Solar Panels and Agriculture to Coexist

Agrivoltaics creates dual land usage, but has many legal and economic hurtles to overcome
Various unlabeled cleaning products on a white background

Recommended Analytical Methods for Detecting 1,4-Dioxane in Commercial Products

Potential human carcinogen common in household cleaning, personal care, and cosmetics faces new regulations
Computer image of a pill in a bubble

Researchers Build Powerful Model for Discovering New Drugs

Research team develops FingerDTA: a fingerprint-embedding framework for drug-target binding affinity prediction
People attending a conference listening to a speaker

Fear of Professional Backlash May Keep Women from Speaking Up at Conferences

Future work could extend these findings by exploring how race and other identities may influence Q&A participation
Series of burnt matches on a white background

New Visual Scale Offers Simple Measure to Help Identify Job Burnout

This study shows that the new scale is comparable to existing measures
Cardinals sitting on a branch

Fossil Overturns a Century of Knowledge about the Origin of Modern Birds

byUniversity of Cambridge
A characteristic of modern birds, the mobile beak, evolved earlier than previously thought
Penguins in Antarctica

Biodiversity Unbalanced as Ice-Free Antarctic Areas Grow

New study examines how expansion of ice-free areas could impact native flora and fauna
Archeological dig site

Researchers Unveil Evolution of Paleodiet at Neolithic Site of Qujialing

For the first time, researchers examined pottery sherds with starch grain analysis
Women hiking up a small hill in a winter forest

The Real Benefits of Walking in a Winter Wonderland

New study is the first to show that snowy landscapes can boost body appreciation
Firefighter watching a forest fire

Major Fires an Increasing Risk as the Air Gets Thirstier, Research Shows

Dramatic increase in the risk of major fires in global forests unless we take urgent and effective climate action