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The goal of pipetting is to ensure maximum accuracy and repeatability when transferring fluids. A high-quality pipette in the hand of an untrained operator is an unreliable instrument. Beyond user skill and consistency, ergonomic design, autoclavability.

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The goal of pipetting is to ensure maximum accuracy and repeatability when transferring fluids. A high-quality pipette in the hand of an untrained operator is an unreliable instrument. Beyond user skill and consistency, ergonomic design, autoclavability, and calibration requirements are the most important features to consider when purchasing a pipette.



Hamilton Company

The soft, ergonomic shape and low plunger forces of the Soft- Grip™ pipette reduce hand and wrist fatigue when compared with other pipettes. Using Soft-Grip™ pipettes decreases the risk factors associated with pipette-related repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Soft- Grip™ pipettes deliver superior accuracy and precision. Every pipette is calibrated at the factory with standards traceable to NIST, and is shipped with a certificate of calibration documenting the pipette’s accuracy and precision. Accuracy is guaranteed with Hamilton AdvanTip™ Precision Pipette Tips.




The body of the Nichipet EX is UV resistant and fully autoclavable, eliminating the need to recalibrate after autoclaving. It features a locking mechanism at the top of the handle to ensure accuracy during use. All units come with a calibration certificate and are available in single and multi-channels. Eight units cover a range from 0.1 μl to 10 mL on the single channels, and 0.1 μl to 300 μl in 8 and 12 channel models. An enlarged finger rest makes it easy to use over extended periods of time. The units are also lightweight, and smooth piston action adds to the ergonomic features.



Thermo Scientific

The Matrix Hybrid pipette combines the lightweight feel and control of a manual pipette with the automatic volume adjustment of an electronic pipette. The instrument fits comfortably and naturally in the hand, requires light plunger force, and eliminates strenuous knob twisting by enabling simple incremental scrolling, user-defined volume pre-sets, or voice commands via state-of-the-art voice recognition technology. The user speaks to the pipette and the volume adjusts accordingly. The ClipTips interface delivers assurance of an effective seal without the need to apply excessive force. Intelligent processor-controlled volume adjustment accurately sets each volume range with a precise control algorithm, eliminating tedious manual adjustments. In-lab calibration offers one-point calibration when pipetting a specific volume consistently or two-point calibration when pipetting throughout the entire volume range of the pipette.




The Ovation family of pipettes is designed so that pipetting is performed with a natural posture and minimal muscular

movement. During use, a low hand elevation eases stress in the shoulder and neck, and a neutral wrist angle eliminates uncomfortable extension and radial deviation movements in the arm. Force, velocity, and exertion from repetition or duration have also been neutralized because of the Ovation’s unique working position and reduced forces required during operation. Electronic single-channel, multichannel, macrovolume, adjustable-volume and fixed-volume models are available.




The BRAND Transferpette® S pipettes were designed to incorporate the best features of available pipettes, plus a few more. Especially popular is the convenient “thumb-tip” volume adjustment: just spin the volume dial with your thumb tip, and lock it there. There’s no need for two hands, or even two fingers. The pipettes are fully autoclavable, and have a range of motion as much as 40 percent shorter than other leading pipettes, offering relief from repetitive motion strain. Available for volumes from 0.1 μL to 10 mL, the Transferpette® S pipettes ship with their own shelf mounts.






Eppendorf ’s Research multichannel pipette is a high-performance 8- or 12-channel pipette that offers a precise and rapid way to process long series for an entire spectrum of applications. The pipette can be operated easily with one hand and the lower parts changed with a flick of the wrist. It is well suited for series dispensing for molecular biology

applications and for all immunology assays, such as antibody application, washing, or stopping. The specially designed nose cone of the Research (multichannel) with an O-ring seal means that very little force is required for attaching and ejecting the tip, and the improved, rounded grip fits even more comfortably into the user’s hand.



Jencons Scientific, Inc.

Jencons’ Sealpette Pro variable-volume autoclavable pipettors are available from 0.5 μl to 5000 μl. Steady yet lightweight, they feature very low tip ejection and pipetting forces. They are individually calibrated and supplied with a quality control certificate. Each pipettor is equipped with a multi-use calibration key, allowing the user to set the tool for accurate work at various temperature and pressure conditions. A carousel stand allows the pipettors to be placed on both sides of the stand and will hold up to 7 pipettors on one side or 11 using both sides. The Sealpette Pro tip cone1 is supplied with a standard filter for protection against pipettor contamination by aerosol or over-pipetting.





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