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Consistent and Reliable Automated Tube Rack and Plate Sealer

Designed to preserve the integrity of your samples, the UltraSeal Pro is able to seal a wide range of plates

Porvair Sciences

Engineered with robustness in mind the new Porvair Sciences UltraSeal Pro is the latest automated heat sealing solution for laboratories looking for a reliable, consistent microplate and tube rack closing device.

Porvair Sciences UltraSeal Pro automated tube rack and plate sealer.
Porvair Sciences

Designed to preserve the integrity of your samples, the UltraSeal Pro is able to seal a wide range of plates, tube racks, and custom applications, shallow and deep well formats, and custom moldings. In addition, the versatile UltraSeal Pro seals the widest range of plate materials (polystyrene, polypropylene, cyclic olefin copolymer, and cyclic olefin copolymer) using an extensive range of film substrates.

Easy to program, operate, and integration friendly, the UltraSeal Pro enhances your productivity through sealing up to six plates or tube racks per minute.

The UltraSeal Pro efficiently applies a heat activated sealing film to a microplate or tube rack top surface by pulling and maintaining control of a reel of film, cutting to the desired length and by means of heat and time-based variables, applying the film to achieve an effective and reliable seal. All the unit requires for operation is mains electricity and a gas supply to power pneumatic operation.

A gas purge option allows the user to inject an inert gas across the microplate or tube rack surface prior to sealing, thereby providing protection to samples that may be prone to degradation when exposed to air over extended periods.

For further information on the UltraSeal Pro series of automated and semi-automated sealing systems, please visit  or contact Porvair Sciences at +44-1978-666222 /

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