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MINISCAN IR Vision: Top Performer in Portable Fuel Analysis

New fuel analyzer offers cutting-edge performance and enhanced measurement speed

Petrolab Company

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma – Petrolab Company is proud to release a new high speed, compact mid-FTIR fuel analyzer for comprehensive and automatic measurement of gasoline, jet and diesel fuels. Built on Grabner´s new Vision platform, the MINISCAN IR Vision increases analysis speed by a factor of 10 when compared to previous models. 

MINISCAN IR Vision The concept of the MINISCAN IR Vision was built with over 20 years of experience and improvements in FTIR fuel analysis. The analyzer is configured to measure more than 100 fuel components and parameters of gasoline, jet, and diesel fuels specifically for fuel blending or point of sale. The factory provides a database of several thousand fuels, collected worldwide and measured according to ASTM and EN fuel specifications. 

The new fuel analyzer offers cutting-edge performance and enhanced measurement speed. The high-performance processor allows the user to calculate measurement results from a full spectrum within seconds. Fuel properties calculated from the factory database can be retrained and optimized. Menu navigation utilizing large button touchscreen design is user friendly and ensures immediate instrument response. The robust, 10” full color industrial touchscreen guarantees highest visibility. The instrument facilitates worldwide remote support and service via a highly secure VPN tunnel.

The quality of MINISCAN IR Vision is unmatched in its class of portable fuel analyzers. The thermoelectric temperature regulation of the instrument´s filling system, measuring cells and integrated density meter allows for highest accuracy in measuring the volume of fuel compounds. A high-quality Ge-coated KBr beam splitter offers better optical transmission than analyzers using ZnSe based beamsplitters and improves the limit of detection of Benzene measurements. With an optical resolution of 3.8 cm-1, the analyzer resolution is superior over comparable mid-FTIR analyzers. 

The core feature of the new instrument is its mechanical robustness, making the instrument ideal for the challenges encountered during field or mobile testing. The MINISCAN IR Vision incorporates Grabner´s proven and robust piston based and bubble free filling system. The instrument is protected by the new shock and vibration tested Vision platform housing. The double interferometer is mounted with a self-aligning mirror system, which allows for automatic correction intensity shifts after a rough drive over a bumpy road. 

For additional information on the MINISCAN IR Vision please refer to, or call (918) 459-7170.


PETROLAB COMPANY, a subsidiary of AMETEK Inc., is considered a leading supplier of automatic petroleum testing equipment. Grabner Instruments’ (Manufacturers of the instrumentation) success is based on the development of portable, rugged, and easy-to-operate fuel and oil analyzers for accurate quality control in the laboratory as well as for fast on-site tests in mobile lab facilities. 

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