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New SPE Solution Streamlines Urine Drug Testing Workflow

Strata®-X-Drug B Plus is a solid phase extraction (SPE) sample preparation product for urine drug testing in clinical and forensic toxicology labs


Phenomenex Strata®-X-Drug B PlusTorrance, Calif. (April 10, 2018) — Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the research and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, introduces Strata®-X-Drug B Plus—a solid phase extraction (SPE) sample preparation product for urine drug testing in clinical and forensic toxicology labs. An expansion of Phenomenex’s drug testing product line, the new Drug B Plus option joins the original Strata-X-Drug B, which is designated for matrices such as plasma, whole blood, and serum. The new Drug B Plus product features Phenomenex’s Solvent Shielding Technology™, which enables an enzyme hydrolysis to be carried out directly in the microplate well, reducing transfer steps, time requirements, and cost. And the hydrolysis solution can be held for six hours or more, providing flexibility in protocol planning.  

To meet the throughput demands of today’s high-volume drug testing labs, Strata-X-Drug B Plus is available in 96-well plate format. The product ensures high recoveries, low variation, time savings and reduced solvent requirements and its protocol eliminates conditioning and equilibration steps from traditional SPE methods. The new sorbent enables extraction of more than 22 drugs of abuse. 

“Drug testing is on the rise, particularly in the face of the opioid crisis, and labs are under pressure to increase throughput and deliver results faster,” explains Jenny Cybulski, product marketing manager for Phenomenex. “Urine is a widely used matrix for drug testing, yet it can be challenging to work with. New sample preparation approaches can make a big difference in achieving faster and more accurate results.” 

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