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Shimadzu’s New Integrated HPLC Offers Optimum Balance of Performance and Ease-of-Use

Built on the strengths of its predecessor, the fully integrated i-Series Plus offers exceptional versatility and user-friendliness


COLUMBIA, Md.  (October 16, 2017) — Shimadzu Scientific Instruments announces the release of its i-Series Plus Integrated High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC). Built on the strengths of its predecessor, the fully integrated i-Series Plus offers exceptional versatility and user-friendliness to improve throughput in both R&D and QC environments. 

Shimadzu i-Series Plus Integrated High Performance Liquid ChromatographThe i-Series Plus models come equipped with an automatic pretreatment function. This new function enables performing operations such as automatic sample dilution, reagent addition, and sample co-injection with an internal standard. This ensures stable analytical results and allows analysis during off-hours, leading to greater operational efficiency. In addition, the new system’s column oven enables high-temperature analysis with a maximum temperature setting of 90oF and offers increased column oven capacity, allowing users to store up to three 300mm columns. 

Shimadzu’s i-Series Plus HPLC now offers enhanced quantitative performance with a wider linear range and excellent repeatability for the smallest injected volumes of 1 µL or less. The direct injection of concentrated samples without dilution reduces preprocessing operation times. Combined with ultrafast sample injections of <14 seconds and ultra-low carryover, the i-Series Plus provides excellent analytical performance for applications in such areas as food and beverages, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.  

The uniform graphical user interface on both the integrated touchscreen and the LabSolutions software computer screen improves operational efficiency by allowing users to easily create analytical methods using the same workflow. The quick batch function simplifies batch file creation by permitting users to create batch files while checking the vial positions through the window. Additionally, operations for routine analysis such as injecting samples based on test results can also be automated. 

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