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Spectrometer Accessory Eases Spectral Analysis for Art Authentication

The Thermo Scientific ConservatIR FTIR external reflection accessory provides conservationists with advanced technology to classify works of art

Thermo Fisher Scientific


A new accessory compatible with Thermo Scientific FTIR spectrometers is designed to enable art conservationists to easily and accurately perform spectral analysis to verify the authenticity of paintings, sculptures, textiles and other large artwork.

The Thermo Scientific ConservatIR FTIR external reflection accessory lets users analyze objects that do not fit inside the sample compartment of Thermo Scientific benchtop Nicolet FTIR spectrometers. The external accessory directs an infrared beam to an opto-mechanical arm that articulates in a range of motion from minus 5 to 95 degrees, enabling art authenticators to measure samples in multiple orientations. As an additional benefit, users can measure samples in two modes: specular/diffuse reflection, for non-contact analysis, or attenuated total reflection (ATR), using an optional diamond ATR sampling interface.

“Art conservationists are challenged to classify expensive, authentic artwork, especially as concerns over counterfeiting continue to grow,” said Denzil G. Vaughn, senior business director, vibrational spectroscopy for Thermo Fisher Scientific. “By embracing advanced analytical technology such as the ConservatIR accessory and our FTIR spectrometers, museums and art distributors can make more informed decisions about the preservation and care of important pieces of art.”

An integrated video camera on the accessory enables users to magnify the sample image to facilitate higher confidence in the measurement location. Once data is generated using the ConservatIR accessory, users can analyze it with Thermo Scientific OMNIC software, designed to provide ease of data collection and accurate analysis in one platform.

The ConservatIR accessory is also designed to enable accurate spectral analysis of other large objects, including automotive parts, toys, fixtures and castings. For more information on the Thermo Scientific ConservatIR external reflection accessory, please visit

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