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Streamlining ChIP-Seq Library Preparation

Porvair Sciences announces the launch of UniqSeq—a new ChIP-Seq library preparation kit

Porvair Sciences

Porvair ChromaTrap UniqSeq ChIP-Seq library preparation kit.High quality library preparation is key to a successful ChIP-Seq experiment. Obtaining complex libraries with good coverage and low bias are just some of the features that depend on high quality DNA after performing ChIP assays. As a new or occasional user, creating these libraries can seem like a daunting task. Using proprietary Chromatrap solid state technology, UniqSeq delivers a streamlined ChIP-Seq protocol from small cell numbers and low chromatin concentrations. 

The UniqSeq ChIP library preparation kit is a highly sensitive kit especially for low abundant transcription factors, and can be used for both qPCR and sequencing.  This kit is compatible with both high and low chromatin loadings with an increased slurry volume of 1ml offering greater flexibility with more difficult samples. This kit requires a clean-up step but due to the increased binding of the column sufficient DNA is obtained from one column without the need to pool samples for library preparation. 

UniqSeq offers a simple, cost-effective solution for generating ChIP-Seq libraries from ChIP-derived DNA. Leveraging next-generation sequencing, ChIP-Seq is able to quickly and efficiently determine the distribution and abundance of DNA-bound protein targets of interest across the genome. The ChIP-Seq methodology is today one of the most widely used next generation sequencing applications, enabling researchers to reliably and simultaneously identify binding sites of a broad range of targets across the entire genome, with high resolution and without constraints.

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Chromatrap is a business unit of Porvair Sciences Ltd. with R&D and production laboratories based in the UK. Their extensive product range includes ChIP kits, DNA clean up kits, and other innovative products for epigenetic research. Now cited in approaching 30 papers—Chromatrap® ChIP technology is rapidly becoming the method of choice for fast accurate ChIP assays.