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Synthego Introduces First CRISPR Guaranteed Editing Genome Engineering Solution

New Gene Knockout Kit guarantees 50 percent or better editing efficiency in any human cell type


Redwood City, California  — December 14, 2017 — Synthego, a leading provider of genome engineering solutions, announces the launch of its new CRISPRevolution™ Gene Knockout Kit (GKO) with the first guaranteed CRISPR gene editing solution. The GKO guarantee puts high-quality gene editing results within reach of all CRISPR researchers, including those developing emerging therapeutic modalities with increasing genome engineering demands such as CAR-T immunotherapy and treatment of monogenic diseases. 

“Synthego's kits enable us to rapidly modify difficult-to-edit human hematopoietic stem cells, as well as primary T cells, in a cost-effective manner,” said Daniel Dever, PhD, research instructor in the Porteus Lab at Stanford University. “Their platform is highly reliable for mediating high-level genome editing in therapeutically relevant cell types and has the potential to accelerate the translation of CRISPR/Cas9-based genome editing to benefit human health.” 

Before the availability of CRISPRevolution, other CRISPR editing methods rarely achieved 50 percent editing efficiency, even in easy-to-edit cell lines. Low editing rates directly increase the cost and turnaround time needed to generate genetically modified clonal cell lines by increasing the total number of screened clones, and sometimes even prevent the opportunity to get meaningful results. Additional challenges limiting broader use of CRISPR as a genome engineering tool include the lack of easy-to-use design software and the availability of guide RNAs that provide consistent editing efficiency. 

“A constant challenge for our research is trying to reduce the number of clones we need to screen to find a desired targeted modification. In our tests, the Gene Knockout Kit gave us greater than 80 percent knock-out rates for seven targets,” said Shondra Miller, PhD, director, Center for Advanced Genome Engineering at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. “This leads to a dramatic reduction in clonal screening efforts which reduces cost and turnaround times, increasing our bandwidth and ability to do more experiments.” 

The CRISPRevolution GKO includes four top-scoring guides from Synthego’s powerful CRISPR Design Tool, provided as high efficiency chemically modified synthetic sgRNAs, SpCas9 protein, and control reagents to optimize transfection protocols. This kit delivers an easy-to-use experimental workflow, and comes with an industry-first money-back guarantee on success with high editing efficiencies in any human cell type. 

“The integration of our bioinformatics and hardware platforms open the door to new applications and shifts the paradigm in genome editing,” said Ted Tisch, chief operating officer at Synthego. “By leveraging bioinformatics, quality reagents, and optimized protocols from our deep understanding of CRISPR, we provide a unique offering that confidently sets up a researcher for success.” 

The GKO is part of Synthego’s CRISPRevolution family of world-class synthetic guide RNA solutions, and includes the industry’s only money-back guarantee of 50 percent or better editing in any human cell type for research use. The CRISPRevolution Gene Knockout Kit is immediately available and ships in as little as seven days. 

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Synthego is a leading provider of genome engineering solutions. The company's product portfolio includes software and synthetic RNA kits designed for CRISPR genome editing and research. With next-generation informatics and machine learning, Synthego’s vision is to bring precision and automation to genome engineering, enabling rapid and cost-effective research with consistent results for every scientist. 

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