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Verichem Laboratories Offers Liquid Stable Ethanol Standard Kit

This unique bio-synthetic matrix allows for maximum product stability and lot-to-lot consistency

PROVIDENCE, RI — Verichem Laboratories is pleased to announce the availability of a ready-to-use, liquid stable standard kit intended for either calibration or calibration verification of ethanol for wet chemistry diagnostic testing systems. This six-level set of reference materials are free of surfactants, glycols, azide, and other interfering substances and sure to meet the needs of a wide variety of clinical laboratory professionals. This material is expressly designed for treatment as patient specimen with the intended clinical measuring system.

Verichem Laboratories’ Ethanol Standard Kit.
Verichem Laboratories

Verichem Laboratories’ Ethanol Standard Kit comes in a ready-to-use, liquid stable format that incorporates the serum-like reactivity of a protein based matrix coupled with the volumetric accuracy of an absolute standard. This unique bio-synthetic matrix allows for maximum product stability and lot-to-lot consistency. The product’s unique matrix formulation and set point design, at or near decision cut off concentrations, are vital for the determination of test method accuracy, sensitivity, linearity, and reportable range. In addition, the six standard concentration levels are verified using available Standard Reference Materials from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Verichem Laboratories’ Ethanol Standard Kit is ergonomically packaged and contains a six-level set with five milliliters (5.0 mL) of material at each level along with a Certificate of Analysis, indicating accuracy traceability and actual test data. The standards are packaged in easy-to-use, translucent polyethylene dropper vials and offer an outstanding shelf-life stability claim of eighteen (18) months minimum when stored at refrigerated temperatures of 2° to 8°C. The product also contains lactate, salicylate, and acetaminophen in a known linear relation and may be used to determine the linearity, sensitivity, and reportable range for these analytes as well.  

Verichem Laboratories serves the clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) manufacturing markets with a comprehensive line of calibration verification products, chemistry standards, reference materials, and support services. Services include free instant online data reduction reports for CLIA compliance. For additional information, contact Verichem Laboratories Inc. at 90 Narragansett Avenue, Providence, RI 02907 USA. Phone: 800-552-5859; FAX: 401-467-1540; Email: Please visit our website at

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