Product Round-Up

Pittcon Product Roundup

Pittcon Product Roundup

Get a preview of some of the hottest products that will be on display at Pittcon 2020

If your lab identifies, quantifies, analyzes, or tests the chemical or biological properties of molecules or compounds, then these are some of the must-see products featured at Pittcon 2020.


Large Volume VIP® ECO Ultra-Low Freezer Designed for Biorepositories

The PHCbi brand -80°C freezer with natural refrigerants includes a new 115V, 29.8 cu.ft. upright model* added to the existing ENERGY STAR® Certified 220V/115V 18.6 and 25.7 cu.ft. product line. The freezer includes variable speed refrigeration for achieving energy efficiency without compromising performance.
*Certification pending

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Identify More with Leco’s Pegasus BT 4D

Combining the increased chromatographic capabilities of GCxGC analysis with the decreased size of a benchtop model, the Pegasus BT 4D delivers industry-leading sensitivity with the reliability and durability of our StayClean® ion source. Know what to expect from your data with the Pegasus BT 4D.


MILLI-Q® IQ 7003/05/10/15

The Milli-Q® IQ 7003/7005/7010/7015 fully-integrated water purification system is your ultimate lab water solution, providing superior quality Type 1 and Type 2 water directly from tap water. With Elix® EDI technology, intuitive touchscreens, Q-POD® and E-POD® dispensers and mercury-free UV lamps, the system will exceed your most demanding expectations–from improved productivity to reduced environmental impact.


Ensure Optimal and Reliable Balance Performance with the Anti-Vibration Table

Adam Equipment has created an ergonomically-styled weighing and calibration station. The AVT (anti-vibration table) offers a solid, stable surface with a scratch-resistant dark granite slab that sits on shock-absorbing rubber mounts. A balance, such as Adam Equipment’s Equinox or Solis series, fits in the middle of the AVT’s granite surface, stabilizing the base and enabling greater precision.


DuraChill: A Reflection of Today’s Most Powerful Engineering Innovations

PolyScience’s DuraChill chiller represents many innovations working together and offers stable and reliable cooling for many common heat removal applications. Key features include a large color touchscreen display; continuous liquid level monitoring with a state-of-the-art capacitance liquid level sensor; convenient front fill reservoir; and more.


Take Advantage of Hydrogen as a Chromatography Carrier Gas

Feeling the squeeze from the helium shortage? The H2PEMPD provides ultrapure hydrogen carrier and fuel gases for chromatographs, producing up to 1300 cc/minute at up to 175 psig. A Parker hydrogen generator can eliminate your dependence on helium cylinder delivery, reduce costs, and maximize laboratory efficiency. Take control with on-site gas generation that is safe, convenient, and reliable.