Captair® Flex™– Ductless Mobile Fume Hoods with Modular Filtration Column

By Erlab

From the people who brought you the energy saving GreenFumeHood®, ERLAB, the one and only inventor of the ductless filtering fume hood and worldwide leader since 1968 innovates once again with the low cost Captair® Flex™ Technology, an all in one filtration fume hood design configurable at will for use in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, forensics, histology/pathology and more. New modular filtration column can handle liquids and powders individually or at the same time. Innovative liquid seal technology insures filtration integrity for both molecular and HEPA filters. Unique design allows for single or double back-up safety filtration to comply with the AFNOR NFX 15-211 Class I and II safety standard.

Fume Hood Safety & Flexibility–Like never before

Captair solutions are designed with safety in mind. The Captair Flex filtration technology is based on the proven principal of molecular adsorption; the toxins emitted in the workstation are adsorbed by the activated carbon within the filtration column and captured – keeping the user and the environment safe.

The Flex also has a unique modular filtration design which allows the hood to handle liquids and powders individually or at the same time. This interchangeability of the filters allows the filtration column to be configured specifically for the applications carried out within the enclosure.

The containment and filtration effectiveness of the Captair Flex, make this shared protective equipment a reliable, economical, flexible and environmentally-friendly solution.

The Captair Flex can:

1) Save on energy costs in your lab

The air balance necessary to run ducted systems results in high energy consumption. A Captair solution eliminates the energy costs related to systems for extracting and supplying conditioned air. It is able to keep operating costs low, even when the cost related to filter replacement is taken into account.

2) Eliminate installation costs associated with fume hoods

Implementing a Captair Flex is simple and quick. It does not involve the installation of a ventilation system for air supply and extraction as required by ducted systems. A single electrical outlet is all you need to run the Captair® Flex® fume hood. It can be installed at any time, without complex planning.

3) Easily transport and instantly use your fume hood

Captair solutions may be moved from one location to another within the same laboratory according to protection needs. They can be easily relocated without affecting the air balance of the equipment

4) Protect the environment

Free of any ducted airflow system, Captair solutions eliminate the direct emission of pollutants into the atmosphere and help to protect the environment. They also avoid the pollution generated as a result of the energy needed to run the airflow systems of traditional ducted fume hoods.









Captair Flex, designed to protect the user, the environment and your budget.






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