Optimum FTIR Precision, Sensitivity, and Reliability at an Exceptional Price

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Shimadzu Scientific InstrumentsFrom research to routine tasks, the IRAffinity-1 FTIR is ideal for high-precision infrared analysis to confirm, identify and detect foreign matter in raw materials, medical products, cosmetics, packages and coatings, among other fields.

The compact design offers full functionality for all FTIR techniques, including transmission, diffuse reflection, and attenuated total reflection (ATR). The full-sized sample compartment accommodates a wide variety of accessories to meet a wide range of applications.

Full-Sized Sample CompartmentKey features include:
• 30000:1 S/N or higher (1 minute integration)
• Resolution to 0.5 cm-1
• Highly stable interferometer with dynamic alignment auto dryer
• Full-size sample compartment accepts a wide variety of accessories
• Full line of accessories available (transmission, reflection, and ATR)
• Self-diagnosis at initialization and continuous monitoring of instrument during operation

Contaminant Analysis ProgramEquipped with Analysis Support Programs
In order to allow operators with little experience in infrared analysis to fully utilize the functionality of the IRAffinity-1, Shimadzu has prepared the following analysis support programs:

1) Contaminant Analysis Program
By combining a library of spectra for substances that are often detected as contaminants and Shimadzu’s own algorithms, this program identifies contaminants with a high degree of accuracy. Reports are automatically created after analysis, so operators with little knowledge of infrared analysis can perform analysis easily.

2) PharmaReport Program
This program makes pass/fail judgments about samples in accordance with the tests specified under “Infrared Spectrophotometry” in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia. In addition to identification tests for pharmaceutical products, use this program for incoming inspections and pre-shipment inspections.

IRsolution Software emphasizes operability with specialized windows that enable users to easily perform standard operations, such as measurement, display, data processing, quantitative analysis, search and printing.

A variety of optional programs and accessories, such as those facilitating PLS and macro programming, are also available, and comprehensive help functions guide the user through the analytical process with ease.

For more information, visit www.ssi.shimadzu.com.

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