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By The Baker Company

The Baker CompanyThe AniGARD e3 animal transfer station from The Baker Company combines improved containment and enhanced ergonomics with lower energy requirements to provide you with unrivaled performance and protection.

The durable, easily maneuverable animal transfer station features an ergonomically engineered, adjustable work surface and slanted viewscreen on three sides for increased worker comfort. The well-lit workspace significantly reduces eyestrain, and low noise level improves operator comfort and reduces effect of ambient noise on animals.

The AniGARD e3 provides 14” high access openings and a flat, spacious work surface, so a variety of sized cages can be pulled in and out quickly, plus its hinged viewscreen opens to almost 22” for moving large items in and out of the workspace prior to working in the cabinet.

The AniGARD e3 is designed to protect animals from particulate exposure and cross contamination and reduce users’ exposure to allergens by providing HEPA filtration in a recirculating air system. Its recirculating air design eliminates air discharge near the  floor that could kick up dust and dander from the floor and into the environment.

The innovative animal transfer station also employs a unique high-velocity momentum air curtain to help ensure product and personnel protection without restricting access. This unique airflow design generates a strong air barrier along the perimeter of the work surface, working to prevent room particulates from entering the work area. Backed by rigorous testing in the Baker laboratory, the AniGARD e3 animal transfer station achieves stellar results for containment and protection, and minimizes cage-to-cage cross contamination. It provides ISO Class 4 (Class 10) air cleanliness and can help reduce user exposure to allergens.

The AniGARD e3 features a moveable, two piece work surface for easy access to spill tray and pre-filter. The unit has a welded, full perimeter drain pan under the work surface, with a 1” drain valve to catch liquid or spills and protect electrical components.

The HEPA filters are easily accessed at the top of the cabinet with an easily removable pre-filter just below the work surface.


The AniGARD e3 utilizes StediFLOW™, a self-adjusting motor technology that requires less energy, extends filter life, and reduces heat output to the lab without sacrificing performance.

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