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The i.C3 user interface is icon driven, featuring a 7” full-color touchscreen that is door mounted at eye-level on all upright lab refrigerator models. 

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The next generation of i.Series® monitoring features the i.C3 user interface which offers constant temperature monitoring and control on all i.Series refrigerators and Freezers.

Helmer Scientific i.Series® monitoringThe i.C3 user interface is icon driven, featuring a 7” full-color touchscreen that is door mounted at eye-level on all upright models. Undercounter models feature an angled screen for easy viewing. Multiple information logs with temperature and event data can be downloaded and saved.

Easy-to-use touch navigation guides the user through the i.C3. Audible and visual indicators and alarms alert users to out-of-range conditions so that prompt action can be taken. Settings parameters are password protected, providing further security.

The interactive temperature graph provides access to temperature data over the previous 42 days and can be viewed in daily or weekly increments. Alarm conditions, alarm tests, and defrost events are all recorded on the graph. Temperature data, including alarms and tests, can be downloaded and saved.

i.Act™ On-screen Event Acknowledgement allows users to immediately record corrective action at the time of the event. Information is date stamped to validate each entry and cannot be changed, providing a secure record of every corrective action. Data records can also be downloaded.

Helmer Scientific 7” full-color touchscreenOptional i.D™ Integrated Electronic Access Control offers secure access to the unit via on-screen PIN entry. Access data is captured by person, method, and time of entry. The Access Control keypad can be used as an alternative Home screen allowing users to customize each unit.

In addition to the i.C3 user interface, i.Series models now feature increased capacity, energy saving LED spot lighting, rechargeable battery backup, and optional leveling feet. 

Contact Helmer Scientific at www.helmerinc.com or sales@helmerinc.com for more information on i.Series products.

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