PLC 2020 Compact Liquid Chromatography System

By Gilson

Gilson Inc.Designed to meet the growing need for personalized solutions, Gilson’s PLC 2020 is one of the only benchtop purification systems on the market capable of performing high pressure reverse phase applications at pressures greater than 500 PSI. This completely integrated purification system is compact enough to fit into most fume hoods and takes up minimal bench space compared to other purification systems. In response to the growing need for easy-to-use, self-contained systems, Gilson developed the PLC 2020 with user-friendly, built-in software allows users to be up and running the system within minutes.

Save Space.  Save Time.  Save Money.

The PLC 2020 makes it easier than ever to perform high pressure reverse phase applications and is ideal for purifying compounds in lower throughput environments where medicinal chemists are purifying their own compounds (typically less than 10 samples/day). PLC 2020 is capable of both high and low pressure applications, meaning labs need only one system to accommodate both reverse phase and FLASH purification.

PLC 2020The intuitive, built-in software as part of the PLC 2020 allows users to start purifying compounds within minutes. The graphical icons with drag-and-drop functionality give users the ability to adjust mobile phase conditions on the fly and see on the screen where each fraction and its corresponding tube are located on the bed. With this real-time graphical sample tracking software, users can easily monitor pressure, flow rate, and %B. The unique touchscreen monitor eliminates the need for a separate PC, saving valuable bench space.

The PLC 2020 offers direct user control options for modifying gradients, advancing fraction collection or diverting to waste without affecting the rest of the purification run. This allows users to interrupt the normal method operation and prime the system from the run screen. Likewise, users have the ability to modify conditions – including tasks and mobile phase – mid-run so that samples can be quickly collected while they are being purified.

Electronic ActuationThe PLC 2020 offers flow rates from 2 to 100 mL/min and pressure up to 4600 PSI with interchangeable pump heads allowing users the flexibility to choose the pump system that best fits their application. In addition, the manual sample injection process (with electronic softwarecontrolled positions for Load and Inject with graphical indicator) provides an electronic actuation resulting in higher reproducibility, saving time and money.

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