The PURELAB® Chorus range of laboratory water systems offers customers the ability to customize a system to fully optimize to best fit their application, budget and the configuration of their laboratory – all without compromising on water quality or the visual appeal of the unit. PURELAB® Chorus systems are well suited in laboratories with limited laboratory space and that must retain precise control over dispensing methods and storage options.


The PURELAB® Chorus range includes three water purification systems specifically designed to deliver the necessary water quality at the required through-flow – Chorus 1 for ultrapure Type I+/I, Chorus 2 for pure Type II, and Chorus 3 for general pure grade Type III water.

PURELAB® Chorus 1 produces the highest inorganic water purity available by applying advanced PureSure® deionization, which removes even trace amounts of those ions that could otherwise interfere with ultrasensitive analysis methods such as HPLC, Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Atomic Emission Spectrometry or ICP Mass Spectrometry. Constant real-time total organic carbon monitoring provides complete confidence in the organic purity of the water. In addition, the employment of integrated ultrafiltration/microfiltration, full spectrum UV treatment and full recirculation guarantees the highest organic purity of the water at the point of use, with complete removal of endotoxins, proteins, nucleases and particulates. This makes it ideal for even the most sensitive of applications.

PURELAB® Chorus 2 is the optimal fit for those applications requiring reliable, high purity water with good organic, inorganic and microbial control, but where ultrapure water is not essential. These include electrophysiology, histology and general chemistry.

The PURELAB® Chorus 3, offers the lowest cost of ownership and provides high flow rates of up to 120 liters per hour, all while being simple to operate and easy to maintain. The smart system has an auto rinse function to maintain purity during periods of low use, offers the option of CO2 removal and is designed to allow flow rate to be easily upgraded to meet future demands. As such, it is optimized for all the workhorse applications of the lab, where purity must be effectively balanced against speed to provide the most effective water supply for general use.

Flexibility extending to dispensing and storage

The PURELAB® Chorus systems work seamlessly with ELGA’s Halo dispensing solutions, all of which can be positioned independently from the water purification system for maximal flexibility and ensure that valuable laboratory space is used effectively. The flow is adjustable from drop-by-drop up to two liters per minute, allowing users to fill their containers as slowly or as fast as is needed. ELGA’s unique portfolio of storage reservoirs completes the range, offering 15, 30 and 60 liters of compact storage, all designed to reduce the risk of downtime during periods of heavy use, without impacting on water quality.

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